‘A pianist that never played a single piece of Chopin can’t be called a pianist’
– A. Sultanov (2nd prize at the International Chopin Competition, Warsaw) 

The Brussels Chopin Days (initially Brussels Chopin Day) had his first edition in 2013 and was born out of enthusiasm, ideology, love for Chopin’s music, and the aim to encourage young toptalents to share their art.
These elements are still the heart of the event, but moreover it became an established festival amongst the international classical music scene.

One day a year from 2013 till 2015, various young and international pianists came to Brussels
to honour the work and life of Frédéric Chopin.
Only works of the Polish composer were performed, and no single work was programmed twice, which gave the audience the opportunity to hear a wide range of Chopin’s music, and the chance to discover some unknown treasures.

Spread over different concerts, masterpianists give their interpretation of Chopin’s music, and share their love for the composer’s work and life.

In 2016 the Brussels Chopin Day turned into a concert cycle of five full recitals per season, and the ‘Day’ changed into ‘Days’.
Over the passed editions the Brussels Chopin Days had the honour to receive pianists from Belgium, Holland, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, USA, Italy, Canada, Bulgaria, Argentina, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Brussels Chopin Days 2023-2024 promesses to be better than ever before: five Chopin-recitals will be given by five of the most promising young talents of their generation:
Martin Garcia Garcia, Zlata Chochieva, Szymon Nehring, Alessandro Deljavan and Severin von Eckardstein. 
Location of the festival is the Concerthall of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.