Since 2017, all concerts of the Brussels Chopin Days are professionaly recorded.
On this page you are able to order your CD including a compilation of the highlights of each season.
All recordings are live-performances, made during the Brussels Chopin Days.
For 20 euros (including shipping costs), we send you a copy by post.

Since the CD is only available through this website, it is a unique gift!

Want one? Send your request to: info@brusselschopindays.comĀ 

CD of season 2019-2020:

CD of season 2018-2019:

CD of season 2017-2018:

Artist Marie Chimkovitch loves to realize paintings and drawings in real life.
Since 2016, Marie has been live painting during all concerts of the Brussels Chopin Days.
You may see the result of all these paintings here.
Would you like to buy a painting? Feel free to contact Marie Chimkovitch through her website.

Yulianna Avdeeva, by Marie Chimkovitch.

Would you like to support young talents and do you have a heart for the Brussels Chopin Days?
Any donation is more than welcome to be able to continue offering you the best we can: